The occasional use of a period as part of our name has, on occasion, been noted. A precedent for this usage is found in the opening pages of the Folio of 1623 – “the first folio”, Capell copy in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge – this being essentially the first edition of the complete works of William Shakespeare. When I produced the first Ophelias poster (by hand) I did my best to copy the font and style of The Tempest as it was printed here. This rendering was later used on our first album cover as well. A period, female, circular, is particularly appropriate for us, I should think.

First poster

First Press

First gig
19 February, 1986


In 1986 I sketched, in hamfisted fashion, a representation of what our logo later that year became in the hands of Ariadne Fellows. In some minor way the band put it out there that The Ophelias sought a professional rendering of my sketch, and we received several submissions, including a preliminary sketch from Ms Fellows which can be seen in the end credits to Bare Bodkin.

The final version, purchased from Ariadne and first appearing on the back cover of Oriental Head, has been manipulated and used in various ways since that time.

Comments from David
Immerglück pending

In November 1989 Medford gave permission for The Ophelias’ version of “I Dig Your Mind” to be used in the motion picture A Matter Of Degrees, directed by W.T. Morgan. The film debuted at the United States Film Festival, Park City, Utah, on 21 January 1990. It was released on 13 September 1991 by 20th Century Fox. In the film the song comes over the radio, is incomplete, and was not included on the released soundtrack CD. Harrumph.