“I’ve seen The Ophelias three times now, twice in the last few days, and they are just amazing. […] The Ophelias are fortunate in several respects: the musicians do new things with the music yet retain a certain warped traditionalism, they are accomplished enough to play around with a multitude of styles, and they have a particularly strong singer/songwriter. These forces will, I think, combine fortuitously to make The Ophelias well-known beyond the local scene. Lately, the only bands I notice are the ones who don’t fit into any specific genre, whose music is so original that hearing them is like hearing a completely new way of playing.”

Joni Hollar, The Daily Californian, April 23, 1986
FAD Flexi-Disc – Holiday 1987/88
Rough Trade Promotional Cassette #2 – July 1988
More Oar – 1999
Green Girl – April 2019